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Space News

  • Could we eavesdrop on communications that pass through our solar system?

    Communications across the vastness of interstellar space could be enhanced by taking advantage of a star's ability to focus and magnify communication signals. A team of graduate students at Penn State is looking for just these sorts of communication signals that might be taking advantage of our own sun if transmissions were passing through our solar system.

  • Two new rotating radio transients discovered by astronomers

    Using the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory (PRAO), Russian astronomers have carried out a search for rotating radio transients (RRATs). In a recently published paper on the arXiv pre-print server, they report the detection of two new RRATs as part of this observational campaign.

  • Exploring the true face of a unique globular cluster in Sagittarius

    A recent picture by the DESI Legacy Imaging Survey features a mysterious globular cluster Whiting 1 in the galactic halo. So, what is Whiting 1 and why do we care about it?

  • NASA: Contact lost with spacecraft on way to test moon orbit

    NASA said Tuesday it has lost contact with a $32.7 million spacecraft headed to the moon to test out a lopsided lunar orbit, but agency engineers are hopeful they can fix the problem.

  • US announces a stop to testing anti-satellite weapons

    The United States Government has declared that it will no longer be performing tests of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons. In a public statement during a visit to the Vandenberg Space Force Base, Vice President Kamala Harris confirmed that this policy has the primary purpose of setting an example to other countries. It represents an important step in the direction of establishing "space norms" for all countries to follow.

Space Industry Jobs

  • a.i. solutions logo

    Space Products Military Account Manager

    a.i. solutions · Colorado Springs, CO, United States

    a.i. solutions is looking to hire a self-motivated Account Manager to take our defense industry sales to the next level, providing flight dynamics solutions using FreeFlyer to tomorrow’s space missions across USSF/USAF/AFRL/SDA/DARPA. FreeFlyer is a desktop software product that defense agencies and users worldwide...

  • a.i. solutions logo

    Space Products Sales Engineer

    a.i. solutions · Lanham, MD, United States

    a.i. solutions is looking to hire a motivated Sales Engineer to build upon our success in the NewSpace and international sales markets, providing flight dynamics solutions using FreeFlyer to the next generation of space companies. FreeFlyer is a desktop software product that agencies like NASA, the US Space Force,...

  • Infostellar logo

    Technical Project Manager (TPM)

    Infostellar · Tokyo, Japan

    Title Technical Project Manager Location: ​Tokyo, Japan Our technical project managers are a key part of Infostellar's overall success. Tasked with managing a range of technical projects including, but not limited to, satellite and ground station onboarding, and client-specific customisation. To ensure...

  • ThrustMe logo


    ThrustMe · Verrières-le-Buisson, Île-de-France, France

    Are you multidisciplinary and curious? Do you love to deep-dive into innovative technologies? Are you technically skilled, but like people more than soldering bolts and Allen-keys? Can you write in technical language and synthesize large amount of information? Then you should definitely look closely at this job...

  • isardSAT logo

    Junior Software R&D Engineer

    isardSAT · Barcelona, CT, Spain

    We are looking for a Junior Software Engineer to join our Altimetry R+D team . The primary role of the successful candidate will be to develop and support software within our projects with the European Space Agency, which include the development of ground processing chains in the field of Earth Observation,...